Help people become a part of a free world

Help people become a part of a free world

The main idea of the Relocation Guide is not only to help people migrate but also to help them migrate integrate into the whole new world. For Russian people migration now is a form of protesting the war and Putin’s propaganda.

We started a day before the Russian invasion of Ukraine and we quickly realized that there are more people that need our support to be relocated and integrated into safe communities. We find and check any information impartially and objectively so the people can take it into account and effectively integrate it into the new circumstances.

Without your support we’ll not be able to stay independent and work with information thoroughly.

We need your help

In several months we managed to:

  • Reach the audience of 1M+ people willing to relocate
  • Help 50k+ immigrants to find their new homes
  • Created 100+ communities helping to integrate into new countries
  • Launched a MOST project — a bot that helps people talk sincerely about war with their loved ones who fell victims to the vicious propaganda

The guide is updated daily by volunteers and editors. We don’t have any ads or other monetization because we’re not selling anything. Our goal is to help people move to another country and stop paying taxes for war.

Support us so we can continue our journey in fighting for a free world

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